Short stories: Mount Wellington

This is one of my favourite photographs from our trip last year to Hobart, Tasmania. I like the sunlight in the sky, the cotton wool clouds, the colours of the rocks, and the tourists happily being tourists. This shot was taken at Mount Wellington on Christmas afternoon.

This picture makes me smile because it reminds me of what happened after I took it. I’m a pretty good judge of my physical limits and chose not to attempt climbing up onto those rocks. But without warning while doing nothing particularly daring, perhaps not helped by a belly full of Christmas buffet lunch, I spontaneously over-balanced and was pulled down by the the momentum created by the weight of my camera bag. So just like that, I stacked it. I’m sure the expression on my face was hilarious as I went down – if only I could’ve captured that dignified moment in a photo.

Taken with Fujifilm X-E1 camera, Fujinon 18-55 lens, 18mm focal length, ISO 400, 1/45 second at f/16, no flash.

Find out more about Mount Wellington (external link).

About this series

In December 2013, my partner Jac and I went on holiday – 3 nights in Melbourne, then 3 nights in Launceston (Jac, to stay with a friend) and King Island (me, for a photographic safari with our friends Craig and Caroline), and finally, Hobart for 6 nights. This trip was not sponsored in any way.

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