The Quarry Salamanca, Hobart

Boxing Day 2013 in Hobart. We walked to Salamanca Place and wandered around in search of breakfast, edging dangerously close to hangriness. The Quarry Salamanca wasn’t on our restaurant radar but here it was, open and inviting, with cheerful staff who gave us a terrific welcome.

Jac kicked things off with a virgin Mary while the rest of us had coffee so good we ordered a second round.

Caroline ordered the prettiest dish: French toast with lemon curd and berries (AU$13), two thick-cut slices of eggy bread stained with syrup and dusted with icing sugar, with puckered blueberries and a bright golden smear of tangy lemon curd.

French toast, lemon curd, berries (AU$13) French toast, lemon curd, berries (AU$13)

Jac ordered the eggs Benedict with bacon (AU$13), two poached eggs with soft, flowing yolks and well cooked curly bacon piled on top of toast, all smothered thickly with hollandaise.

Eggs Benedict with bacon (AU$13) Eggs Benedict with bacon (AU$13) – apply to face

Mr Fry-up (I just made that up) Craig had the big breakfast (AU$19.50) with fried eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes.

Big breakfast  - eggs, bacon, sausage, mushies, tomato (AU$19.50) Big breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, mushies, tomato (AU$19.50)

I was planning to order scrambled eggs but when I read the menu, a unique dish jumped out at me and I couldn’t resist: fried eggs with tater tots, caramelised onion, cheese and pickles (AU$13). Not mentioned was the fresh rocket, and initially I was annoyed to see so much greenery on the plate – I’m not a fan of surprise salad. But after my first mouthful, I realised the peppery leaves really balanced the flavours on the plate – it was a cracker of a combo, with the sweetness of soft caramelised onions, the mild pliable cheese, and two kinds of crunch with the sour pickles and deep-fried tater tots. Those housemade tater tots were delicious and I could’ve easily knocked back a dozen. Jac was impressed I had salad at breakfast. She hasn’t tried that trick at home though…

Fried eggs, tater tots, caramelised onion, pickles (AU$13)Fried eggs, tater tots, caramelised onion, pickles (AU$13).

We really enjoyed breakfast. Out of all the places we dined at while in Hobart, The Quarry Salamanca was among the best for service.


Front counter Front counter, with freshly baked muffins

That night after dinner, Craig and Caroline went back to Mount Wellington to take more photographs. Jac and I headed back to Salamanca Place for Valhalla ice cream from the freezer at Vietnamese Kitchen, and then returned to The Quarry Salamanca for drinks at the bar, again enjoying excellent service. We might have to check out their boutique apartments next time we visit Hobart.

The Quarry Salamanca bar The Quarry Salamanca bar

Quarry Salamanca Quarry Salamanca

The Quarry Salamanca – restaurant, bar and boutique self-contained apartments
27 Salamanca Place
Battery Point, Tasmania
Restaurant open daily from 7.30am

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In December 2013, my partner Jac and I went on holiday – 3 nights in Melbourne, then 3 nights in Launceston (Jac, to stay with a friend) and King Island (me, for a photographic safari with our friends Craig and Caroline), and finally, Hobart for 6 nights. This trip was not sponsored in any way.

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