Adventures ahead…

If you follow my social media updates, you probably already know this. When I finished work on Friday, I stepped out of the building into the start of 7 months long service leave (LSL). SEVEN months. I’m not due back at the office until late January next year.

My friends keep asking me: Are you excited?
To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Even as I type this on Monday morning knowing I don’t have to go to work today. OK, so maybe a little smile escaped as I wrote those words.

Someone at work asked if I was going to take things easy and have a good rest. I’ve never been very good at relaxing and I intend to use the time productively. I can’t see myself spending much time on the couch.

I’m going to spend a decent chunk of my leave travelling – ticking off a few photography bucket list items, eating long-desired/craved foods, and catching up with faraway friends. I’ve been saving up for this for a long time; none of it is sponsored. Jac will come with me on a couple of the trips; the rest I’ll be going solo.

I also plan to resurrect a couple of creative projects I’ve had to leave on the backburner due to lack of time. I’m going to have a serious think about a better approach to my work life balance, which hasn’t been so good for the past few years. There are some changes coming to the blog. And wherever I happen to be, home or on overseas adventures, I want to write more and take more photographs. I want do what I do more often, but better. This time, I hope to share more travel updates on the blog while I’m on the road. My brain is brimming with all kinds of ideas.

But in the short term: a lunch date today with my mum (now THAT hasn’t happened in a while), tackling my backlog of blog posts on Hobart and the Margaret River region, and getting ready to fly out to Singapore later this week, a trip deliberately planned to take place during durian season – I’m very excited about that!


More to come…

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