Back from the USA

We’re back from our travels. Jac and I went to Hawaii (Waikiki, Oahu and Lahaina, Maui), Texas (Austin and Dallas) and Virginia (Fredericksburg). I organised our itinerary, flights, accommodation and transfers, and it all went very well apart from two issues beyond our control: a flight cancelled by American Airlines due to storms in Dallas (with no advice received from the airline, we found out at Dallas Fort Worth Airport – it’s not a good feeling when you check the display to find out which gate your flight leaves from and see the word CANCELLED instead) and a Delta flight delayed due to navigation system problems (frustrating, especially as we’d boarded the plane, but much better to find out before we were up in the air).

We ate some fantastic food on this trip, and on the Texas and Virginia legs, had the wonderful pleasure of meeting longtime internet friends in person. From Maui onwards, our carry-on luggage included a pineapple each, in individual boxes with carry handles, which travelled with us to Austin and Fredericksburg as gifts for our friends – we got a lot of stares everywhere we went (curiosity with a hint of envy), and the occasional “Is that really a pineapple in there?”

Pineapple field, Maui

We got home on Friday afternoon after 3+ weeks away. Our journey back to Perth started at Richmond Airport in Virginia and consisted of three flights including a marathon 16 hours non-stop from Dallas to Sydney – as exhausting as it sounds – and as I sit here at my desk typing, I feel a gentle bobbing motion like I’m still on a plane. That’ll probably last a few days.

As you can imagine, my blogging backlog is huge now – but I’ll work my way through it. Of course, I’m still to blog about my solo trip to the US from July/August, and have more to come about Singapore, which seems so long ago. Lots of great food, memories and travel insights to share.

2400 Diner, Fredericksburg, Virginia

My final big trip of the year will be to Myanmar in December.

The photos in this post:

  • Turkey legs cooking on a smoky barbecue at the State Fair of Texas, Dallas
  • A pineapple field we visited during the Maui Pineapple Tour, Hawaii
  • 2400 Diner in Fredericksburg, Virginia (my friend Craig suggests “at night it’s a French joint called ‘Le Eat'”!)

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