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Last Friday, the Soul Provider Catering food truck was at Wellington Square in East Perth for lunch from 11am to 3pm. My lunch buddies and I wandered down before noon to beat the office crowd – we enjoyed pulled pork rolls with Cajun mayo, BBQ bourbon chicken wings and hush puppies.

Soul Provider menuThe Southern American-style ‘soul food’ menu may vary, but the BBQ bourbon chicken wings and pulled pork rolls are staples.



The chewy buns are filled generously with soft, juicy pulled pork. The Cajun mayo adds a pleasant kick; the slaw, a fresh crunch.

Pulled pork roll with Cajun mayo  (AU$10) Pulled pork roll with Cajun mayo (AU$10). Note: it usually comes with a lot more mayo, but my workmate asked for less mayo on hers. Yeah, I know… and yet we are friends! :P

There were 5 enormous chicken wings in the box, coated with sweet, BBQ bourbon sauce. They’re finger-sucking-good – don’t expect to eat these with cutlery!

Bourbon BBQ chicken wings  (AU$10) Bourbon BBQ chicken wings (AU$10) – make sure you don’t forget to grab napkins.

You get 5 hush puppies in a serving. They’re cornmeal croquettes, traditionally eaten as a side dish in the Southern American states. I’ll happily snack on these little beauties any time.

None of us was in a taco mood this time around, so we didn’t try the jerk chicken tacos.

Hush puppies (AU$10) Hush puppies (AU$10)

At the recent Food Truck Rumble, Soul Provider had plantain chips on their menu too – I still hope to try those sometime. Next time, if there’s something on the menu I haven’t tried yet, I’ll choose it. Hint hint, please come back to Wellington Square!

DSCF5312-2Order at the smaller front window, pick up from the larger back window.

Soul Provider Catering has been a professional catering service for private functions and events since 2012. By adding a food truck to the business in 2014, they’ve brought their soul food to many more Perth food lovers at approved street locations, markets and festivals.

City of Perth’s food truck trial

Food trucks have been at Wellington Square in East Perth as part of the City of Perth’s food truck trial, which has been running since 1 February and will finish at the end of May. The trial involves 14 locations within the City of Perth and 9 food trucks (here’s the list of locations and food trucks).

There isn’t always a food truck at lunch time in Wellington Square – it’s best to check for location updates at Perth Street Eats and the individual trucks’ Facebook pages. I recently blogged about Comida do Sul Brazilian food truck – they’ve been the most regular truck at Wellington Square, usually on Thursdays (though again, best to check their social media accounts for updates).

Even when there’s a food truck at Wellington Square, which is walking distance from my office, I haven’t always been able to get there due to work and scheduled meetings. But whenever I do get my food truck lunch, it instantly improves my day.

Food trucks at Wellington Square usually park near the corner of Wittenoom and Bennett Streets.

I hope that the trial has proven worthwhile for the trucks and even after it ends, the City of Perth will allow food trucks to continue trading at some, if not all, of the 14 locations.

Update, October 2015. Another food truck trial was approved by the City of Perth and will run from 1 October 2015 to 1 October 2016. Once again, participating trucks (who must apply for a permit to take part) can only trade at the selected locations within the City of Perth. There hasn’t been an official announcement about the participating food trucks yet, but we’ve had Soul Provider, Comida do Sul, Eat No Evil and others coming to Wellington Square for lunch this month. It’s been great.

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