Finlay & Sons No 917, Inglewood

Another busy, noisy, cramped cafe that doesn’t take bookings. Not even two months old, Finlay & Sons has been a runaway hit in the neighbourhood – on Beaufort Street, just past Eleventh Avenue. Like my observation recently at Mary Street Bakery, the rows of tables by the windows at Finlay & Sons had one table too many, making squeezing in or out an awkward indignity.

Our food was fantastic. My waffles with maple syrup and fluffy coffee-flavoured marscapone tasted like cake and icing, accompanied by the best caramelised banana I’ve eaten in a Perth cafe. On its own, a decadent and sickly sweet combo – but the addition of thick-cut bacon gave it balance and created something sensational. The slab of bacon was pork chop’s fattier, saltier, juicier, more attractive cousin. Jac’s goat curd toasted baguette and roasted mushrooms was a generous serving, piled high on spinach leaves and shaved parmesan. The wooden board it was served on was a just bad idea – too long on our fully loaded table and with such a narrow surface area to work with, a struggle with mess and spillage was inevitable. Jac’s side order of smashed avocado was served in a small jar – just… no. Can we please stop doing what looks ‘cool’ and go back to sensible dishes that are easy to eat from?

It was difficult to hear each other over the cacophony. Coffee and cake are available from 7.30am; the kitchen opens with an all-day menu from 8am to 2pm – and it looks like everyone got there early. With more hungry punters waiting to swoop in, it didn’t feel like a place to comfortably linger. Is it my imagination, or is the truly leisurely breakfast a rarity these days?

PS. The banana and bacon are pretty damn awesome.

Finlay & Sons No 917
917 Beaufort Street (corner with Dundas Street)
Inglewood, Perth
A takeaway coffee window is on the Dundas Street side of the cafe.

Waffle with caramelised banana and marscapone (medium $12)  with a side of thick cut bacon ($5) Waffle with caramelised banana and marscapone (medium $12 – also available in petite and grande). The side of thick-cut bacon ($5) enhanced and completed this dish.

 Goats curd toasted baguette with roasted mushrooms Goats curd toasted baguette with roasted mushrooms (she also ordered bacon and avocado on the side).

Salted caramel cronuts at the front counter Cream-filled salted caramel cronuts on the front counter. If this place starts serving these on top of milkshakes in mason jars, Perth will surely go mad with desire!

Pastries and cakes at the front counter Pastries and cakes on display at the front counter.

DSCF8836It was a little chilly when we arrived, or we’d have sat outside where it’s less cramped.

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