Photo of the day: Eggs

Jac took the photo above of eggs laid by our chickens. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen the picture of our chooks which I shared recently.

We got our five chooks around a month ago. There isn’t enough space in our backyard for chooks, so they’ll live at Jac’s mum’s place. We’re sharing the maintenance, costs and eggs.

The chickens are hyline browns, slightly smaller than isa browns, which we used to have at our previous home. Like isa browns, hyline browns are known to be friendly, great layers, and don’t tend to go broody. Their names are Reba, Chickee, Agnes, Charlotte and Coffee.

It feels good collecting kitchen scraps in the designated bucket that we take over to Jac’s mum’s place, knowing that the chooks will enjoy them. They are voracious eaters, and every time, it’s like the best buffet ever. It’s so great to have chooks again, even though I miss hearing clucking in our backyard.

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