Honey Creme soft serve with bacon with chocolate

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll probably know that I like sweet and savoury flavours together.

For example, no surprise: I love pancakes and bacon with lashings of maple syrup, and I love to dip my McDonald’s fries into my hot fudge sundae (we’ve discussed this over the years). I know not everyone thinks that sounds good. But I’m not here to convince anyone of anything.

Just sharing my latest love: Honey Creme soft serve with bacon with chocolate – a cup of milk soft serve topped with crispy bacon bits and chocolate sauce. If you shut your eyes, innocently expecting dessert and no one mentioned bacon, you might almost think you were eating a heavenly sundae of incredibly creamy soft serve sprinkled with chopped nuts. Until your taste buds register bacon.

Weird or wonderful? That’s up to you. To me, sensational.

The soft serve originated in South Korea; the soft serve boutique was born in Taiwan. Honey Creme Australia‘s first and currently only outlet is on 61 Barrack Street in Perth, near the corner of Hay Street mall. The store opened about a month and a half ago with queues right out the door, which I suspect were largely due to the opening freebies. Now that things have settled down, no crazy queue, and my cup of soft serve with bacon and chocolate was the regular menu price of $6.90. Sensible Me says “Special treat only”. Bacon-Loving Glutton Me shouts “Shut up and take my money!” It’s the eternal struggle.

dscf8541-3Honey Creme soft serve with bacon with chocolate (AU$6.90). A dangerous discovery and lots more to try on the menu.

I celebrated getting out of the office early yesterday with Honey Creme soft serve and another Taiwanese taste sensation further along Barrack Street: my secret addiction of Hot Star crispy chicken bites, popping hot and succulent, fresh out of the fryer. They’re served in a takeaway paper bag with a skewer for poking to avoid burning finger tips (although burning tongue is another story… well, there’s a compelling reason to eat soft serve).

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