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Eating Solo 2: Lazy Dinner on a Saturday Night

I was too lazy to cook last night, so I decided to have an old favourite, a tin of Heinz “Big Eat” Ravioli Bolognese. Of course, if you’re anti-tinned meals you’ll absolutely hate it. But if you like tinned meals, this one is pretty good. The sauce is really quite tasty and meaty. I have […]

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Eating solo 1

Mooiness and others who have asked how I will survive without Jac to cook for me for over three weeks, have no fear! Here’s my dinner from last night, a sloppy sort of fried rice with chicken mince, baby corn, green beans, tomato, champignons, onion, garlic and egg. The chicken mince had been seasoned and […]

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Melbourne Cup lunch 2009

This year’s Melbourne Cup lunch at work featured pizza from Stuzzico and yummy contributions from workmates who volunteered to bring something in. We ordered two full pizzas (1.5 metres long each) – one meat and one vegetarian. The vegetarian pizza was rocket, feta and olive. The meat one was prosciutto pizza. B brought homemade sausage…

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