Melbourne Cup lunch 2009

This year’s Melbourne Cup lunch at work featured pizza from Stuzzico and yummy contributions from workmates who volunteered to bring something in. We ordered two full pizzas (1.5 metres long each) – one meat and one vegetarian.

The vegetarian pizza was rocket, feta and olive.

Rocket, feta and olive pizza

Rocket and olive pizza

Rocket and olive pizza

The meat one was prosciutto pizza.

Prosciutto pizza

Prosciutto pizza

Prosciutto pizza

B brought homemade sausage rolls, made just the night before. They looked and smelled great. B also brought tomato sauce to go with the sausage rolls.

B's homemade sausage rolls

L made a garden salad with crumbled feta and a honey mustard dressing.

Garden salad with feta and honey mustard dressing

H made a tomato salad with finely chopped red onions, basil and a dressing made with both red wine and white wine vinegar. H is Polish and said this was a Polish tomato salad – it was delicious and very refreshing. It reminded me of bruschetta topping – I haven’t had bruschetta for years!

Tomato salad

J and I organised some nibblies – the first plate we put together featured salami sticks, cherry tomatoes and stuffed baby capsicums.

Salami sticks, cherry tomatoes and stuffed baby capsicum

Stuffed baby capsicum

We also put together a plate with basil and cashew dip, crackers and camembert cheese.

Cheese, dip and crackers

A feast!

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed the table cloth and napkins are Christmas-themed! That was all we happened to have on hand. :)

A feast!

My plate, round one:

My plate

Rocket and olive pizza

Prosciutto pizza

Another workmate J made one of her Tim Tam cheesecakes.

Tim Tam cheesecake

Tim Tam cheesecake

It was so creamy and rich. A sliver went a long way!

Slice of Tim Tam cheesecake

I wasn’t successful in the office sweeps, but I got Jac to put on a couple of bets for me at the TAB. I did pick the winner, Shocking (that’s the horse’s name, not the fact that I picked the winner!). I won about $60 but with all the money I spent on sweeps and bets I ended up making only about $20. But it was fun, which is why I do it once a year.

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