Dinner – Nando’s chicken with salad

Jac grabbed us takeaway dinner from Nando’s. For me, four chicken thigh pieces in BBQ rib sauce.

4 chicken thigh pieces

For herself, a chicken ribs pack.

Chicken ribs

While she was out getting the chicken, I threw a salad together, with mixed greens, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, corn kernels and sweet gherkin pickles.

Simple salad

I set the table, with placemats, salt and pepper, ranch dressing, tomato sauce and garlic mayo.

Nando's and salad dinner with Jac

My chicken, chips and salad

The chicken thigh pieces are always succulent and saucy and tasty – but they’re always such tiny pieces.

Chicken thigh pack and chips

The chips were really fresh and crisp. I like them with tomato sauce.

Crispy chips!

As we ate, a pair of green eyes watched hungrily.

Pixel wants Nando's!

Pixel gives me evil eyes

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