The return of bus station fried rice and thoughts about “unbreakfasty” foods

It’s now $4 a box but I still love it. Fried rice from Wellington Street Bus Station makes a perfect breakfast.

Bus station fried rice

I sneak my box of fried rice into the kitchen and quietly heat it up in the microwave hoping no one will come in and ask me what that smell is and ask, “What, fried rice for breakfast?” I just can’t be bothered having THAT conversation. Kind of like when I answered the door one Sunday morning holding a plate of leftover curry and rice that I was eating, and Jac’s mum said, with a strange expression on her face (a cross between horror, amusement and disbelief) “My goodness, you’re eating curry for BREAKFAST?”

Bus station fried rice - close up

Whenever Jac cooks fried rice, she always makes sure there’s extra so I can have some for breakfast the next morning.

TFP’s favourite “unbreakfasty”* foods
Fried rice
Leftover Chinese home delivery
Leftovers “whatever we had for dinner”
Curry and rice
Baked beans and corn kernels with leftover rice (when I have a rice/savoury/hot breakfast craving, I throw these three things in a bowl and then zap them in the microwave – in fact, I’m going to do this right now!)
Cold pizza, KFC, chicken nuggets

Feel free to share your favourite “unbreakfasty” foods!

*”Unbreakfasty” to most people I know.

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