Dinner – Chinese home delivery

It’s great that our new address is not far from the old one, because it means we can get Chinese home delivery from the same place we’ve been getting it from for over ten years! This time, six dishes. First: hokkien noodles. Not as saucy as I would like, and too much beef for my liking. But then regular readers will know I’m a chicken person, not a beef person. Quite a few of my friends are beef people though. You know who you are!

Hokkien noodles

A dish we always get – special fried rice.

Special fried rice

We got pork ribs with spice and pepper. We often get squid with spice and pepper, and the pork was prepared the same way, in seasoned batter, with fried garlic and sliced fresh chilli and chopped spring onions. Jac loves pork ribs and whenever we get them she usually ends up eating most of them.

Pork ribs with spice and pepper

The garlic king prawns were fantastic – bursty large prawns in a chunky garlicky sauce with plenty of onion and broccoli.

Garlic king prawns

Jac’s taken a liking to to the vegetable omelette, which is stuffed with vegies – carrot, bean sprouts, spring onion, mushrooms.

Vegetable omelette

We ordered the Chinese tofu with minced chicken. Yes – MINCED chicken. Hah. The menu said minced, but we got chicken pieces. Luckily they were tender and delicious. The big pieces of tofu were buried under the chicken – initially we thought we’d been given an entirely different dish!

Chicken and tofu

I loaded my plate with some of everything. It was a good meal – delicious, with plenty for the current meal and leftovers to enjoy all over again. That’s how we like to order Chinese.

My plate - a little bit of everything

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