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Mothers Day, sweet

For dessert we served the chewy chocolate brownies with a dollop of double cream, a scoop of So Good vanilla soy ice cream and a sprinkling of chopped peanuts. Mmmmmmm, double cream. The recipe for the brownies came from Jac’s Good Housekeeping All Colour Cook Book. It’s so easy. Gather ingredients, mix thoroughly in bowl, […]

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Baked chocolate cheesecake

The box. We bought half a baked chocolate cheesecake. The cheesecake has a layer of chocolate icing and is topped with big balls of chocolate mousse with glace cherries. And all along the outside are flaked almonds. I didn’t have a slice, but I did eat the bits off the knife when I cut a […]

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Christmas mini muffins

On Friday night of the week just gone, I baked a batch of triple chocolate mini muffins for Jac’s friends – we were going to the annual Christmas barbecue/get-together on Saturday night. I’d baked these muffins before, and I made them just the same this time round: the muffins were chocolate-flavoured, with choc chips and [&hellip…

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