Christmas mini muffins

On Friday night of the week just gone, I baked a batch of triple chocolate mini muffins for Jac’s friends – we were going to the annual Christmas barbecue/get-together on Saturday night. I’d baked these muffins before, and I made them just the same this time round: the muffins were chocolate-flavoured, with choc chips and topped with chocolate icing with coffee in it for an extra kick. I topped some with chopped peanuts.

Chocolate mini muffins

In addition to the chocolate mini muffins, I also baked jam donut mini muffins for our friends. These have raspberries folded through the dough, plus a blob of raspberry jam in the centre for a sweet, sticky surprise. They were brushed with melted butter and then rolled in a mixture of caster sugar and ground cinnamon for that authentic donut-ness! This was the first time I tried this recipe – it was easy and the muffins turned out just beautiful. Jac’s already told me I can make them again any time. She’s a big raspberry and jam donut fan. We only had enough muffin holes to bake 24 at a time. The recipes made around 48 mini muffins, and so we had to pop them onto wired racks to cool, and wash the muffin trays to bake more.

Jam donut mini muffins

I lined some red Christmas gift boxes with tissue paper, put some of both types of mini muffins in them and tied the boxes up with yellow ribbon. Christmas mini muffins for our friends. Shiny box and sweet sweeeeet muffins.

Shiny shiny!

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