This is my current favourite breakfast: a $3 box of fried rice from a bakery at the bus station. It’s nothing amazing, but is surprisingly tasty. I’m completely addicted. Non-asian people who know me well have learned not to be surprised or grossed out by my choice of things to eat for breakfast. This is even better than the chicken pie!

Bus station fried rice

I bought a fresh juice this morning to wash down my fried rice. It’s called The Energiser. It’s supposed to have apples, oranges and watermelon in it. They had run out of melon, and gave me strawberries instead. For $4.50 it was really good value – they filled the cup and lid right up to the top.

The Energiser

As it turns out, I’ll be taking a desk in a temporary office on campus during the asbestos roof removal project. But I think I’ll need to have holidays very soon – I feel exhausted and like total crap. Definitely time to take a break.

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