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Day 3: River cruise on RV Mekong Pandaw

This trip was hosted (what does this mean?) – I travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam and experienced the RV Mekong Pandaw cruise as a guest of Vietnam Airlines. Also in this post: what I did for internet access while overseas. Day 3: Kampong Tralach and Kampong Chhnang On Day 3 of the Mekong river cruise […]

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A little trip to Morley yields goodies

On Friday afternoon, I went to the Nokia Customer Care Centre in Morley because I had two bright pixels on my mobile phone‘s main display, one green, one red. Nokia told me this sort of problem is rare (really? Given the number of people who have dead/stuck/bright pixel problems on all products with LCD screens, […]

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Woman makes dumplings for her little dumpling

Here’s my new phone dressed up in its new rainbow Mock. It fits nicely in my trouser or shorts pocket and in the mobile pocket on the strap of my backpack. So far, I love my new phone. I used the Nokia Data Suite software and the infrared port on my laptop to copy my […]

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