A little trip to Morley yields goodies

On Friday afternoon, I went to the Nokia Customer Care Centre in Morley because I had two bright pixels on my mobile phone‘s main display, one green, one red. Nokia told me this sort of problem is rare (really? Given the number of people who have dead/stuck/bright pixel problems on all products with LCD screens, I can’t believe that!) but covered under my warranty (which was my main concern). Unfortunately for me, I’d missed the ELF (Early Life Failure) warranty period by one day (the ELF warranty is for the first 14 days – I took the phone in on day 15 – D’OH!) – if I’d brought the phone to Nokia within the first 14 days they would’ve replaced my phone with a brand new one, no questions asked. I must confess, I had noticed the green pixel about a week ago, but since it was in the top left hand corner of the display it didn’t bug me that much – and I couldn’t be bothered going through the whole warranty process. But when I noticed the red pixel on Friday morning, I was compelled to act. I had to leave the phone there for repair – luckily I’ve been able to use my old 6230 (Jac hasn’t ditched her old Motorola yet). They told me it could take up to 5 working days for the phone to be fixed, maybe longer if parts had to be ordered in, but I was pleasantly surprised to get an SMS yesterday morning telling me my phone is ready for collection. It couldn’t have been that difficult to fix, then! I didn’t have time to pick it up yesterday, but I’m planning to do so on Monday arvo. Fingers crossed it will be as good as new.

I didn’t time my little pilgrimage to Morley very well and found myself travelling during the general lunching hour on a warm afternoon. After more than an hour on public transport, and having dropped off my phone for repair, I found my legs walking purposefully and briskly to Dome at Galleria where I ordered a caesar salad for a late (post-2pm) lunch.

Caesar salad and Diet Coke

This caesar salad was just as delicious as the one I had at Dome in the city. I really was ravenous, and the salad really hit the spot. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a caesar salad so quickly.

Caesar salad

Of course, being at Galleria, I just had to stop by at Beard Papa and pick up some custard puffs to take home. In addition to the vanilla bean custard-filled puffs, they now feature a flavour of the week (which rotates (duh) weekly). This week’s was strawberry custard. Apparently last week was caramel, and the week before was chocolate. The description of the strawberry flavour on the Beard Papa site reads: “We blend the all natural strawberry puree through our velvety smooth cream custard, creating a subtle, refreshing flavour that anyone who is a strawberry fan will love.” I bought a box of six puffs – three vanilla bean, three strawberry. This photo shows a strawberry custard puff – the custard filling is just ever so slightly tinged with pink (the standard vanilla custard is much more yellow). I really enjoyed the strawberry, but I think vanilla is still my favourite.

Beard Papa, flavour of the week, strawberry

As I spent half my day travelling to and from Morley I didn’t really get a lot of work done on Friday. The trend is set to continue on Monday. In addition to returning to Morley to pick up the phone, I have an appointment with a dermatologist in the morning. I booked this appointment upon referral from my GP six weeks ago. Remember my troublesome hands? Well, they have improved, but still get very itchy and still don’t look the best. They are really much better than they used to be, but my GP thinks I need more hardcore treatment. I hope that won’t include any sort of restricted diet – the food pornographer and bland food just don’t go together (I don’t know if my problems are diet-related or due to something else – please don’t give me any lectures or theories, believe me, I’ve heard it all). I’m trying not to think about it. I’ll just see what the Dermo says on Monday.

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