Dinner, 19/10/2006

On Thursday night we’d planned to go to the shops and grab some dinner while we were out, but when Jac got home we had to ring and wait for a guy from the RAC to rock up – the car key was stuck in the ignition and Jac couldn’t get it out. The RAC guy turned up within half an hour or so and managed to get the key out. He then tried the spare car key which worked with no problem, so he advised us to use the spare key, get a new spare key cut from it, and to throw out the old key. By this time we just couldn’t be bothered going out any more, and so Plan B was executed: home delivery Chinese.

We didn’t feel particularly adventurous, and so we ordered a selection of old favourites. Special fried rice, which is always very good:

Special fried rice

Pork chops with Nanking sauce, Jac’s automatic choice:

Pork chops with Nanking sauce

I was in the mood for prawns, and ordered king prawns in garlic sauce. The sauce was thick and unbelievably garlicky, the prawns were plump and bursty, and there were loads of vegetables in the sauce. Fantastic!

King prawns with garlic sauce

Our token vegetable dish was broccoli with oyster sauce, which was also deliciously garlicky.

Broccoli with oyster sauce

And of course, my automatic choice, ma po tofu – Szechuan-style with chilli, tofu, chicken mince and straw mushrooms. I could eat this all week with steamed rice and be perfectly happy.

Ma po tofu

The obligatory plate shot:

The plate shot

Mmmmmm, it was gooooood.

Close-up of prawns and pork chops  Close-up of ma po tofu

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