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We needed to pick up some groceries and drop off my new jeans for tailoring on Saturday morning, and so we grabbed a bite to eat while we were out at the shops (any excuse, really!). Do any of you have the same problem as me? I can never find any trousers or jeans that aren’t much too long, even when I buy trousers or jeans that are supposed to be “short leg”. It’s very frustrating. Every pair of jeans or trousers I buy will cost me $15-20 extra to get taken up by a tailor. Sure, I could learn how to do it myself, but I am completely without talent when it comes to sewing. I did sew a button and do blanket-stitching on a handkerchief when I was a Brownie back in Malaysia (we’re talking over twenty years ago!), and I did make a pincushion in home economics class when I was fourteen, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gone with sewing. But that’s enough about sewing! I know you’re here for the food.

Jac bought a single stick of chicken satay and a spring roll, which we shared as a starter.

Satay and spring roll

We then shared a meal of butter chicken and chicken briyani, which came with two pappadams. I was in a really chicken place and ordered a piece of chicken tikka as well. It was literally chicken, chicken, chicken!

Butter chicken, chicken briyani, pappadam and a piece of chicken tikka

The chicken tikka was a boneless, skinless chicken thigh, with a delicious charred flavour. It tasted just like tandoori chicken to me. It cost $2.50 – the tandoori chicken pieces were on the bone and $4.00. Easy choice, really.

Chicken tikka

The chicken briyani was basically basmati rice with chicken curry all through it. It was very good -lots of big, big chunks of chicken, and surprisingly spicy. The butter chicken was nice too. Next time I will ask them to put the dishes side by side on the plate rather than one on top of the other, so we can control how much the flavours get mixed. I might go for naan next time, which I much prefer to pappadams.


Phew, just a couple more posts to go, and then I’ll be all up to date.

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