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Jerry Fraser, King of Oysters

When an oyster hater met the King of Oysters

Does Perth’s most famous oyster shucker Jerry Fraser know I’m an oyster hater? Even if he suspects I’d rather just photograph those slippery suckers than slurp one down, he greets me with a big grin. “Hello, Lady with the Camera! You’re back!” It’s the second time I’ve found myself at Jerry’s oy…

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Hamilton Island holiday, Day 7

This is post 7 out of a series of 8 posts (the full list is at the end of this post). The dinner cruise the night before was fantastic, but we managed to have two magnificent meals the next day, our second-last day on Hamilton Island. I was keen to go out to lunch. While […]

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Dinner and bento – Italian takeaway

DinnerThis was one of the best takeaway dinners we’ve had! The food came from Italian restaurant Casa del’ Amici (“The Vale Shopping Centre”, Shop 23, 393 Warton Road, Canning Vale). We’ve eaten there previously and really enjoyed it. Some of you may remember my intention to try their arancini and homemade risotto the …

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