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Worst garlic bread ever

We grabbed dinner in Victoria Park before going to Chad’s birthday party last Saturday night. We wandered up and down Albany Highway looking for somewhere to eat. Stupidly on our part, we hadn’t made a reservation anywhere, and as it turned out, most of the cafes/restaurants were fully booked. Whoops. In the end, we managed […]

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Friday night dinner date

On Friday night, Jac and I had dinner at Sorrento Restaurant, which is located at 158 James Street, Northbridge. Jac is a big fan of offal – she absolutely loves dishes like lamb’s fry with bacon, devilled kidneys and crumbed lambs’ brains in a creamy sauce. Not me! I refuse to eat offal – I’ve […]

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Marinated veal steak sandwich

For dinner on Tuesday night, Jac made veal steak sandwiches. She’d marinated veal steaks in sweet sherry, garlic and herbs overnight and then panfried them. She made the sandwiches with toasted focaccia and fresh lettuce and tomato and a little mayonnaise. She’d cooked the veal perfectly – I hate having steak sandwiches where you …

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