Welcome home meatballs

We had dinner when Juji’s boyfriend got home from work. I was drooling in anticipation as the meatballs bubbled in the cream sauce in the cast iron frying pan. She tweaked this original IKEA recipe. I was busy sorting out the laundry and unpacking while she was cooking, so I wasn’t able to pay attention to what she did. If you ask nicely, I might be able to get her to tell us exactly how she made the meatballs and cream sauce). Maybe.

Meatballs bubbling in cream sauce

Juji served the meatballs with steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes. It was lovely to catch up while tucking into a delicious home cooked dinner. Thanks Juji!

Steamed vegetables

Boiled potatoes

My plate

Juji and her boyfriend did a really great job housesitting and looking after the cats. Apparently Pixel was a little standoffish but Billy Lee actively sought cuddles and even tried climbing up on Juji and Jay’s chests whenever either of them were on the couch. Heheh. I’m pretty sure the cats are happy to have us back. The last couple of nights Billy Lee’s shared Jac’s pillow, while Pixel has been back in her favourite spot in bed, between my knees.

EDIT: See Juji’s Swedish meatballs recipe!

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