Tuesday morning

On Tuesday I attended a job interview* in the morning and then caught the bus from town to join my family in sorting through Mama’s things and cleaning/clearing her flat.

I’ve had this tradition for many years of eating junk food before a job interview or on my first day at a new job. As I eat (always dining in), I build up my courage and compose myself, review my cheat notes and practice my answers in my head, think about the day ahead and what I do know. But despite feeling somewhat nervous and/or stressed about the impending interview/new job, I always enjoy my junky meal.

I got to McDonald’s just on the cusp of breakfast and lunch menu changeover – actually, because I wanted a Filet-O-Fish meal I left the queue for a couple of minutes and waited until the menu officially switched over to lunch. Just before I rejoined the queue, a very well-dressed man in a business suit got to the front counter, asked what menu they were on, was told “lunch” and stormed off in huff, brushing roughly past the people behind him in the queue. He must’ve really been hanging out for a McMuffin or Hotcakes, I guess!

Filet-O-Fish Value Meal

I was lucky enough to get fresh hot fries. It’s a shame that most of the times I eat McDonald’s the fries are so stale/cold/cardboardy. When they’re fresh they are soooo good. I reckon I must get fresh fries only about once a year.

McDonald's Fries

The Filet-O-Fish was delicious, but I thought the cheese could’ve been a little more melted. I love the tartare sauce in Filet-O-Fish burgers – I think it’s my favourite tartare sauce of all. I was deliberately careful when biting into the burger. It wouldn’t do to rock up to an interview with a white stain on my nice new shirt now, would it?


I almost didn’t post this paragraph, but decided to leave it in after all.
Although we had a number of family meals together in the days after Mama passed away, I didn’t take any photos of the food. I must confess I did have my camera in my bag – I always have it with me no matter what – and I did think about taking photos. I really did want to, but I didn’t want to upset anyone with seemingly inappropriate behaviour. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been as sad as everyone else, but I guess I haven’t been completely numbed like grieving people seem to be in the movies (I presume for maximum tear-jerking/dramatic effect) – I am sad, but I am still me. I think some people tend to forget that grief can be felt and expressed in different ways. This is not a bitch, just a reflection/observation/me thinking out loud (well, thinking in writing).

*I won’t be saying anything specific about any of the jobs I’ve applied for – should I be successful in securing employment, I have no plans to discuss work at this site. No way am I venturing anywhere vaguely in the direction of a doocing risk territory.

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