Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, garlic and onion

We had some bacon in the fridge to use up- so Jac chopped it into little pieces and fried it with mushrooms, garlic and spring onions (another thing in the fridge that needed to be used up!). She told me she’d use this mix in an omelette for dinner the next night. Mmmm, the anticipation! :-P

Bacon, mushrooms, garlic and onions

She made a big omelette filled with the bacon and mushroom mix. She served the omelette sliced into wedges, with a garden salad.

Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, garlic and onion, served with salad

In the salad was lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, celery and broccoli, all fresh and crisp. Jac topped the salads with a little thinly sliced red onion. You may notice pieces of broccoli stem in the salad too – we don’t like to waste a thing if we can help it! Jac blanched the broccoli, so it was tender and no longer had that very raw, “green” taste.

Salad close-up

The omelette was fantastic! I just picked up each piece and munched away. In fact, I ate my salad without cutlery too. :)

Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, garlic and onion - close-up

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