Dinner and bento – turkey roast and vegetables

The dinner
Jac bought a turkey rolled roast with apple stuffing from the supermarket. She served it with gravy and vegetables done three ways: cauliflower cheese, steamed (green vegetables – snowpeas and cabbage), and roasted (root vegetables – potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, whole onions and carrots, all roasted in the oven at the same time as the turkey).

Rolled turkey roast with roast vegetables, steamed greens and cauliflower cheese

I love Jac’s cauliflower cheese. She doesn’t use a recipe as such; she starts by making a white sauce and just goes from there. The dish came out of the oven piping hot (bubbles popping and steam everywhere – difficult to photograph!) and smelling absolutely delicious. The cauliflower was tender, the sauce cheesy and creamy.

Cauliflower cheese

The bento
I packed the leftovers for the next day’s bento lunch. For something sweet to finish – seedless red grapes.

Leftover turkey roast and vegetables bento

There’s gravy in the “Hello” and “Tasty” containers. I did heat up my lunch before eating it (I removed the compartment with the grapes before heating the rest) – I dug the gravy out of the little container and spread it over the turkey and stuffing – it was a big congealed lump from sitting in the fridge all morning but tasted great once it had been re-heated.

Leftover turkey roast and vegetables bento

This was the note I put in Jac’s lunch. I don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned Jac is into bootscooting. She doesn’t actually go bootscooting, but she likes to break into a little dance every once in a while. And we have a few bootscooting videos. :) The cartoon person on the note does not resemble Jac at all – this was really just a doodle.

Bento note

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