Home-cooked Indian-style dinner

A few weeks ago, I came home from work to the most delicious smells in the kitchen – Jac had cooked us an Indian-style dinner. I’ve said “Indian-style” as Jac made no claims to its authenticity, having had help from jars! It was great, though! She made a chicken curry and a vegetable curry, and served them with rice, naan bread and a selection of relishes and pickles.

She made the madras chicken with sliced chicken thighs, tomatoes and lots of onions. The gravy was perfect soaked into the rice. Well, actually, I thought it was drinkable, but eating it soaked in rice is probably more acceptable dinner behaviour. :)

Madras chicken

Jac made the vegetable korma with cabbage, green beans, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli and potato. Korma is probably Jac’s favourite curry to cook.

Vegetable korma

This garlic naan was the kind you heat up in the microwave. Convenient as well as tasty, and great for mopping up every last drop of curry gravy on our plates.

Garlic naan

These were our relishes and pickles, starting from the top left and moving clockwise: mango chutney, cucumber raita, tomato and red onion relish, and homemade vegetable pickles

Relishes for our curry dinner

The tomatoes were just ordinary bagged tomatoes from the supermarket, but they were sweet and juicy in this relish.

Tomato and red onion relish

I love the refreshing coolness of cucumber raita. I’m pretty sure the chopped mint came from our garden.

Cucumber raita

Remember the jar of vegetable pickles we got at Christmas from our friend E? These were from that jar! They were a fantastic side dish for this meal! I loved the caufliflower and cabbage especially. Some of you may know these vegetable pickles as “achar“.

E's pickled vegetables

My plate, round one. It was a fantastic feast! We ate our dinner sitting at the coffee table in the lounge and watching TV, which is what we usually do when we don’t have guests – but it felt like a special dinner. I am very spoilt!

My plate

We feasted on the leftovers for the next couple of days – it was bliss. Jac blended up the last of the vegetable curry to make soup, which she took to work for her lunch.

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