Bento – SPAM fried rice and red grapes

My bento lunch the next day: my favourite easy fried rice, made with SPAM, green beans and garlic. As usual, I flavoured the rice with a little oyster sauce, soy sauce and black pepper. In the other bento box compartment, red seedless grapes. This batch of grapes was wonderful – firm, juicy and sweet. Jac didn’t need lunch that day, so I just packed lunch for myself.

SPAM fried rice with red grapes

I love love love this simple fried rice. I usually have egg in it too, but not this time. As you can see, the SPAM’s got crispy caramelised edges – yum. The green beans still had a good crunch to them. I never get tired of this combo.

SPAM fried rice

I always enjoy eating the fried rice I’ve cooked for myself. If the weather is fine, I’ll find a spot somewhere on the lawn and tuck in with my bento chopsticks, checking email or watching videos on my mobile phone as I eat. Although everyone I’ve met so far seems very nice, I haven’t made any regular lunching buddies. I don’t mind that much, but I do miss my friends from my old job.

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