Dinner and bento – marinated chicken and oven-roasted vegetables

After a few days away from the house, Jac couldn’t wait to get back into the kitchen and do some cooking. I came home from work to the most delicious smells of marinated chicken pieces and vegetables roasting in the oven. Well, roasting chicken and vegetable smells intermingled with the smell of freshly painted walls. :) Jac bought the chicken pieces, all thighs and drumsticks, pre-marinated at the supermarket. I chose a piece of each and she placed a selection of the roasted vegetables on my plate: potatoes, baby carrot, zucchini and corn. She’d also steamed broccolini and the last of the baby brussels sprouts. She knows I don’t like brussels sprouts, so she only included a couple on my plate. Everything else was delicious, so I ate my two brussels sprouts without complaining. :)

Marinated chicken, oven-roasted vegetables

I loved this meal – it had two of my favourite foods – chicken (and dark meat chicken at that!) and corn (lovely sweet oven-baked corn!).

Two of my favourite things - chicken and corn


I packed the leftovers in containers for us to take to work for lunch the next day. Note the reused generic plastic takeaway containers – all my bento gear’s been packed away. Can you guess which container is for Jac, and which is for me?

Bento - chicken and vegetables leftovers

My bento lunch - chicken and vegetables leftovers

Jac's  bento lunch - chicken and vegetables leftovers

I’ve packed away all the pens and paper I usually use for bento notes, so I had to make do with what I had around me – a page torn out of my Rhodia notepad and a doodle drawn with my LAMY pen. Looks kind of rough, but it did the job.

Bento note for Jac - done on notepaper with a ballpoint pen

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