Bento – sandwiches, onions and mushrooms, watermelon

I packed us deluxe sandwich bento for lunch the next day. This is my own terminology – sandwich bento is just sandwiches; deluxe sandwich bento comes with extra bits and pieces in different compartments. :D

Bento lunches for two - sandwiches, onions and mushrooms, watermelon

Today’s deluxe sandwich bento consisted of sandwiches, leftover fried onions and mushrooms, and fresh cubes of watermelon (with animal food picks – see the end of this post for information about the bento gear I used) :D

Bento - sandwiches, onions and mushrooms, watermelon

The sandwich fillings, from left to right:

  • pork and leek sausages, fried onions and smokey barbecue sauce
  • honey and soy chicken (taken off their skewers), shredded lettuce and garlic mayo
  • English ham, sliced gherkin pickles, dijon mustard

Bento sandwiches close-up

This is the note I doodled for Jac’s lunch box.

Bento note for Jac - It's Monday... frown, frown, smile, smile

About the bento gear featured in this post

  • The animal food picks are from JBox, from a set of 10 Animal Friends Picks.
  • The lunch boxes featured in this post areDecor Tellfresh Quarters, which can be purchased from many Woolworths or Coles supermarkets, for around AU$7.00 each (often less than that!). They come with four of removable white compartments (hence “Quarters

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