Dinner and bento – “Recycled” chicken

The pork and leek sausages and chicken kebabs stretched to another dinner and bento!

Jac sliced up the last of the leftover pork and leek sausages and took the last bits of chicken kebab off the skewers. She baked them in an oven dish with chicken drumsticks marinated in sweet soy. She referred affectionately to this dish as “recycled” chicken (though technically, the drumsticks were new, not “recycled”).

Jac's recycled chicken

“Recycled” chicken didn’t sound appealing at all, but I changed my mind quickly! It smelled fantastic. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into a succulent, juicy drumstick with glistening, saucy skin. And the actual “recycled” bits, the little slices of sausage and chicken kebab chunks were all coated and caramelised in the sweet marinade… I wanted to just reach in and grab with my fingers, because oh, that sauce was truly finger sucking good.

Jac's recycled chicken - close-up

Jac did make me a little bowl of salad for my meal, but for some reason I didn’t take a photo of it. I don’t expect you will all believe I did have vegetables with my chicken and rice. I’m not even going to try and convince you! Heheheheh. :-P The sauce was so good on the rice. I could’ve eaten a big bowl of just rice and sauce for dinner.

The next morning, I packed our lunches: rice, “recycled” chicken, including sliced sausage, chicken kebab bits and chicken drumsticks, and blanched green beans. For something sweet, prunes and watermelon cubes.

Bento lunches for two

I doodled a simple note for Jac that morning.

Bento note for Jac - Hello. Here's your lunch.

You may have noticed I didn’t actually include chicken drumsticks in our lunches – I took the meat off the bones so that lunch would be easy to eat just with a fork (and no chicken bones to dispose of). Jac really enjoyed her lunch that day and declared it “beautiful!”

Bento lunch - recycled chicken, beans and rice with watermelon and prunes

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