Laksa at home

Jac made laksa recently, and it was magnificent! She used Chilliz brand laksa paste and tinned coconut cream (she likes a richer, thicker, more “lemak” laksa broth). I prepared the egg noodles and rice noodles and helped assemble the bits and pieces in the bowls while Jac tended to the pot of laksa broth bubbling on the stove.


In the laksa, we had the noodles, bean sprouts, fried tofu, chicken, fish balls, and green Chinese vegetables.

Laksa close-up

I placed lots of bean sprouts right at the bottom of the bowl, as well as on the very top. Jac pre-steamed chicken thighs, seasoned with salt, white pepper and soy sauce, then sliced them up and re-heated them in the laksa broth on the stove. We used frozen fish balls – we would have used fish cake (yee peng) but there was none available at the asian supermarket we got the ingredients from. We’ll definitely use the Chilliz laksa paste again.

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