Corned beef, corn and rice (forgot the egg!)

Jac said she had a craving for my corned beef, egg and rice dish, so I made it for dinner. I always call it “corned beef, egg and rice” because that’s what the dish started out as, but somewhere along the way in the 16 or so years I’ve been cooking this dish for myself (and then for Jac too) I added corn kernels. I reckon the pop of the corn makes the dish even more enjoyable to eat. I love how food tastes, looks and smells,but I also like how it feels in my mouth, especially under my teeth when I bite it – I love the pop of juicy corn kernels! Texture plays an active, significant part in my enjoyment of food. Are there any foods you particularly enjoy or dislike because of how they feel?

It was only after I’d served it up in the bowls that I realised I’d forgotten the eggs! It seemed silly to put the rice back into the wok at this stage, so on this occasion we had corned beef, corn and rice. :) Jac enjoyed it and said it satisfied her craving, so as far as we were concerned, it was a success! :D

Here’s the corned beef, egg and rice recipe.

Corned beef, corn and rice

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