Work lunch – chicken katsu burger with fries

We have noodles, curry, Japanese and sandwiches in East Perth but what I’d like is a real burger place. Or even a junk food franchise burger place. I know having easy access to junk food would make bad days so much better. Of course, I’m not talking “nutritionally” better – I’m talking about the shameless, indulgent “better” that comforts you when you’re cranky and feeling like crap. But until that happens, every now and then I will get a burger from Sushi @ Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St, East Perth). A chicken katsu burger does make a fine, comforting lunch on a bad day, even if it doesn’t feel as naughty as a McSomething burger.

Chicken katsu burger

I love that this burger has sliced cucumber in it, as well as tomato and lettuce. The cucumber makes it like a mini garden salad, not just a garnish! And that there’s barbecue sauce and mayonnaise in it too. And the burger is assembled right in front of you. It’s all part of the experience. I have no objection to watching my food being prepared – I much prefer to watch than make my own. I like getting lunch at MYO from time to time, but sometimes it just feels wrong paying to assemble my own sandwich.

Chicken katsu burger innards

The fries are great because 1) they cook them to order so they are fresh and crisp and 2) you can choose between plain salt and chicken salt (chicken salt for the win every time!).

Fries with not enough chicken salt

So until McChicken moves into East Perth (probably never) I will continue to love these chicken katsu burgers. Well, if McChicken happened to move in, McChicken, chicken katsu burger and I would all be great friends. :-P

Chicken katsu burger from another angle

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