McDonald’s Grand Angus burger

Continuing with the burger theme…

Jac tried the McDonald’s Grand Angus burger for the first time and was very impressed. She said it was the best McDonald’s burger she’s ever eaten. She liked it because: 1) the beef had a great flavour and was a decent thickness – a really good, meaty chew, just how burger patties should be 2) she loved the bun and 3) it had lots of lettuce in it – usually Jac orders her burgers with “heavy lettuce” because the standard amount of lettuce does not satisfy.

McDonald's Grand Angus burger

McDonald's Grand Angus burger

I was amazed at how much the actual burger resembled the picture on the box. In fact, I thought the real burger looked better than the picture, which is rare for junk food franchise burgers. I’ve commented before how most burgers never look like they do in the ads… and some burgers look just like someone’s sat on them. This was impressive.

McDonald's Grand Angus burger - it looks like the picture on the box

I had a bite of the Grand Angus (oh yes, definitely beefy!), but my own burger was a Filet O Fish. I’ve loved Filet O Fish since I was a kid, but I swear it keeps shrinking. Shrinking is the last thing it needs, seeing as it was a tiny toy burger in the first place.

McDonald's Filet O Fish

Jac also got me Chicken McNuggets as she knows how much I love them. These are always good. I can eat them hot or cold, with sauce or without sauce.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

Yes, we had fries. They were disappointing. I’ve complained about McDonald’s fries enough (floppy fries with Big Mac, floppy fries with McChicken are just two examples).

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