Dinner – sausage sizzle with mushrooms, chicken kebabs and salad

Jac cooked up pork and leek sausages and some honey and soy chicken kebabs, all bought from the supermarket. The kebabs looked very black and I feared they were burnt – but they tasted great!

Pork and leek sausages with honey soy chicken kebabs

Jac also fried up onions and mushrooms.

Mushrooms and onions

She toasted bread rolls and I buttered them. We piled onions, mushrooms and sausages on top. She also baked tomatoes in the oven, and we had lettuce and corn to go with the meats. I took my chicken off the skewers so it would be easy to eat, with a fork or with fingers. :) I know chicken on a skewer is supposed to be fairly easy to eat, but I’d rather not bother with skewers. I always end up with smears of food on my face when I eat skewered meats. :-P

Sausage sizzle with mushrooms and salad

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