Poffertjes Yum premium Dutch pancake mix

I made poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes) for the first time last year just before Christmas and then cooked up another batch for our family brunch on Boxing Day. On those occasions, I used Koopmans poffertjes mix, which is made the Netherlands. After I published those posts, an Australian company called Poffertjes Yum got in touch and sent me a sample of their premium Dutch poffertjes mix.

We tried out the Poffertjes Yum mix recently and it really was easy to use (perfect for lazy cooks like me). You just add water to the mix, whisk until smooth, let it stand for 10 minutes – the batter is then ready to use with your pre-heated poffertjes maker.

We cooked up a batch of poffertjes for afternoon tea. Initially, the mix seemed a little too thick, so we added a bit of extra water to make it pour more easily from a jug onto the poffertjes maker. The poffertjes made from the mix puffed up nicely like little pancake pillows – I couldn’t help myself and ate a few of these golden-brown babies straight off the poffertjes maker – they tasted so good. Jac and I took turns cooking the poffertjes – she got impatient towards the end, and some of the mini pancakes ended up with extra batter bits (like little batter tails, legs or horns!). :)

Platter of poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes)

I had a couple of rounds of fresh poffertjes drizzled with maple syrup. The poffertjes were lovely, not too sweet. They were delicious with maple syrup. Poffertjes Yum’s serving suggestion is cold butter and icing sugar, but I love maple syrup on all batter-based items (pancakes, waffles, pikelets). We also like warm poffertjes with butter and strawberry jam or kaya.

Poffertjes with maple syrup

We had more poffertjes the next evening for dessert – warm poffertjes with fresh banana, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of maple syrup and a few mini Oreo cookies. That’s a combination I will definitely enjoy again. I must confess I’ve become terribly addicted to mini Oreos.

Poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes), ice cream, banana, maple syrup, mini Oreos

Product details

Poffertjes Yum is a distributor of poffertjes mix and commercial equipment for market stall holders and cafes across Australia and New Zealand. I don’t think there are any cafes or market stalls that sell poffertjes in Perth though – I think they’re more common in the Eastern states.

Premium Dutch poffertjes mix

  • Just add water
  • 11 months shelf life
  • 5-day shelf life once mixed; can be frozen

Thank you to John from Poffertjes Yum for sending me the premium Dutch poffertjes mix.

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