Dinner – turkey chili and rice

My friend JetGirl who lives in Texas sent us a Carroll Shelby Chili Kit.

Carroll Shelby's Original Texas Brand Chili Kit

On a recent cold evening, a bowl of chili and rice was perfect for dinner. Jac used turkey mince to make the chili. It was another delicious bowl and spoon meal. Since I am a chilli wuss, she made it mild. It tasted even more fantastic the next morning for breakfast. That chili kit seasoning has great flavour.

Turkey chili

I know rice isn’t the traditional accompaniment to chili when you eat it in Texas, but I love anything with rice (spaghetti bolognese – rice instead of spaghetti; tacos – rice instead of taco shells; shepherds pie – rice instead of mashed potato :D). There’s some Chili Kit mix left – we might make cornbread to go with it next time. :) What’s your favourite accompaniment(s) for chili?

I had never heard of Carroll Shelby, so a bit of googling revealed that Caroll Shelby is a retired Texan race car driver, automotive designer, manufacturer and consultant. The black western hat pictured on the box was one of Shelby’s trademark items of clothing.

If I were famous and gave my name to a food product brand, it would have to be something bacon related. Or pies, curry, waffles, pancakes…something involving batter or pastry. Or fried chicken, nuggets or burgers… something crumbed and crispy…hmmm.

Well… that’s assuming I wanted my name to be a food brand, which I don’t think I would. But for the sake of this idle fantasy, it would have to be something delicious and easy that I’d actually want to cook/eat myself. That’s why it would never be health food, and never ever TFP brand smoked mussels! :P What would your signature food product be?

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