My new study furniture and the cats

I mentioned recently that my new study/office furniture was being delivered after a 6-week wait. Here’s a sneak peek into where I spend most of my time at home and do most of my writing/blogging. A few of you have been asking how the cats are – they are very well, thank you! They’re featured in this post.

I haven’t finished unpacking all my stuff – it’s mostly still in boxes in the guest room. But I’ve set up the essentials.

Here’s my new desk. In the photo below, starting from the end closet to you and moving along the “L” to the other end of the desk: Gilmore Girls DVD, a tray for my daily bits and pieces like my train pass and keys, my iPod Touch (in its leather case), my black and white laser printer (not networked, sadly), router, 7-USB port hub, water bottle, another tray for pens and note paper, DVD/VCR player and TV, de Blob figurine (on top of the TV), my laptop, my second monitor (22-inch widescreen LCD), ladybug mouse and Homer Simpson mousepad, Bamboo drawing tablet (which I need to use more), clock radio with iPod dock.

My desk

I will be replacing my red office chair with a leather executive-style one soon. Next to the desk is my new matching bookshelf, which is still empty. We got the desk made with holes for cables at each corner – and I have used those cable holes at all three corners! There are lots of cables and plugs under the desk.

On the opposite side of the room I have a matching credenza and a hutch which can fit on top of the credenza or on top of the desk. In the photo below, from left to right: a box of stationery I am yet to unpack (JetGirl may recognise the box as the one she sent me for Christmas :)), a tray for TFP-related paperwork (restaurant menus, receipts, correspondence, notes to myself for review posts etc), a tray for household paperwork (bills etc) – yep, with Pixel sitting on top, a shopping bag and the handbag I take to work each day.

Pixel likes the in-tray

Pixel has really taken a shine to my household paperwork tray. For some reason she’s not interested in the TFP paperwork tray. She’ll happily sit and watch me from “her” tray, or shut her eyes and take a nap.

Pixel likes the in-tray close-up

We bought a large whiteboard on wheels from the Reject Shop for AU$60. It came in a box and we had to assemble it – surprisingly, we only got a little cranky with each other while doing so! :D. I write notes to myself on the whiteboard – appointment and event reminders, posts I’m working on currently, places to eat at next, random ideas I have for the blog etc. Yes – I’ve blurred out the writing on the board – sorry, I don’t want to give everything away! ;)

Pixel in the in-tray, Billy Lee in the corner

Behind the whiteboard is my old 3-drawer filing cabinet which is full to bursting and will be upgraded soon to either a 4-drawer or two 2-drawer cabinets.

I’ve been using the oil heater a lot lately as it’s been so cold. Billy Lee is sitting on the floor, and Pixel still sitting in her tray on the credenza. You can see part of a pink round rug next to the heater – Billy Lee has claimed it for herself – she sleeps on it for hours, next to the heater, while I’m sitting at the desk. The room gets really toasty and cosy when the heater’s on. There is a foot stool under the desk which Billy Lee likes sleep on as well. Quite often Pixel will hang out with Jac in the kitchen or the garden while Billy Lee hangs out with me in the study.

I still have a lot of unpacking to do and plan to put up some pictures and maybe my degrees on the wall on the desk-side of the room (doesn’t every office need an “ego wall”? :)).

So anyway, there you have it – the place where I do most of my writing, blogging, tweeting and updating of Facebook. :) I love my new study and I’m pretty sure the cats are happy with the new set-up too.

It feels like this week has gone really quickly – it’s Friday already for us here in Australia. I’m hoping to do a lot of catching up this weekend: unpacking my boxes, computer data backup, filing paperwork, working on the blog (photos, drafting posts, responding to comments and emails).

Don’t worry, the next post will definitely feature food.

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