Scrambled eggs with creamed corn, panfried portabello mushrooms with garlic

You may remember from my post about the masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda I was lucky enough to attend in Sydney earlier this year, one of the dishes Tetsuya made was scrambled eggs with creamed corn.

Tetsuya’s scrambled eggs included creamed corn, ricotta and parmesan cheese. On a recent weekend I made us scrambled eggs with creamed corn inspired by Tetsuya (but without the cheeses).

I love scrambled eggs and I love corn, so I was really looking forward to cooking and eating scrambled eggs with creamed corn! I made the scrambled eggs just as I would normally with eggs and butter but I added a little tinned creamed corn a couple of minutes before the eggs were done. This gave the corn enough time to heat through while the eggs finished cooking in the pan. I used four eggs for Jac and me. I added three generous tablespoons of creamed corn to the eggs: one spoon for Jac, one for me, and one to share. :)

Scrambled eggs with creamed corn

Tetsuya seasoned his scrambled eggs with salt and white pepper while they were cooking; I seasoned mine with freshly cracked black pepper just before digging my fork into them. I’d actually wanted to add more corn than three tablespoons but initially I was a little worried Jac wouldn’t like the creamed corn in the eggs, so I held back – she likes corn, but probably not as much as me. As it turned out, she really enjoyed the eggs and said she would be happy to eat scrambled eggs with creamed corn again, which is great because plan to cook them again soon! And next time, I’ll sneak more creamed corn in.

While I worked on the eggs, Jac cooked fresh portabello mushrooms in a frying pan with whole garlic cloves. She browned the mushrooms and garlic in the pan with oil and a little butter, then placed a lid over the pan while I finished scrambling the eggs, leaving the mushrooms and garlic to cook in the pan under the lid. Jac loves the flavour of garlic mushrooms for breakfast, but leaves the whole cloves for me to eat. I love sweet yet savoury flavour of panfried whole garlic. I could easily eat half a dozen cloves in one sitting (I didn’t, I had three!). I served the eggs on top of multigrain toast. This was my plate:

Scrambled eggs on toast, panfried garlic, portabello mushrooms

The mushrooms were homegrown by my sister Juji. Even before biting into it or tasting it, just slicing into a perfectly cooked, juicy, meaty portabello mushroom is such a pleasure.

Juji's homegrown portabello mushrooms

Juji recently bought a portabello mushroom kit from Bunnings (approx AU$16 for the kit) and these were from her very first crop. They were just beautiful. We cooked some for breakfast and the rest for dinner. Read more about Juji’s portabello mushrooms at her blog.

Juji's homegrown portabello mushrooms - raw

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