Short stories: Dosukoi No.6, fried chicken on top

They’ve reconfigured the tables at Dosukoi Japanese Noodle Bar in Allendale Square, Perth CBD so more people can fit into the tiny space. Every day that I walk by at lunch time (they’re open Monday to Friday), the place is packed. Looking at the crowd hunched over their bowls with not a spare chair last week on Thursday, I didn’t hesitate to order my lunch takeaway: No.6, fried chicken on top. I was the third in line to order and four bowls of ramen came out of the kitchen before mine, but I received my order in around 10 minutes. Pretty reasonable for the rush hour.

Stealthy iPhone shot Stealthy iPhone shot

Yeah, it’s silly to take something deep-fried and crispy and soggify it with soup, but boy, it was good. After sucking up the soft noodles and destroying all the flotsam, I lifted the bowl to my lips and drank up the tasty broth.

As I slurped up my No.6, I hatched a plan for my next bowl, which will be No.4, soft pork on top. Do you think about your next meal while you’re eating the current one?

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  • erin

    I neeeeeed to get on board with this. I was always kind of against ramen – it seems so much heavier and more intense than, say, pho, but well-prepared ramen is so perfect when you’re in the mood for it. Like you, though, I’ll be going the take away route – I can’t stand packed eating spaces, especially when I’m on my own!

    • I know what you mean about the intensity. I think that’s what I like about it. But I am a Malaysian at heart and when I’m after comfort food in a bowl I’ll choose laksa or fish ball noodle soup almost any time, over pho or ramen. But of course, that also depends on where I am and what’s available.

      • erin

        Ah yes, laksa! It used to be my go-to noodle soup but I haven’t found one I like enough to make a commitment to it for quite some time. I know they’re out there but when I’m eating noodles, it’s usually because I’m either hungover (rarely) or so busy that I need something comforting and delicious that’s cheap and easy to access, so given where I live pho is usually always the answer (i.e. I’m close to both Northbridge & Girrawheen!).

        I probably shouldn’t say this but my favourite laksa comes courtesy of my not-at-all-Malaysian mum! She grew up in Singapore, but that really doesn’t even count. She just does an excellent soup :)

        • Some of my favourite Chinese/Malaysian dishes are cooked by Jac, who is not Asian and didn’t grow up in Asia :)

  • Dea

    All the time! If i plan to hit a certain cafe/restaurant a second time, I always study the menu carefully and think about what I’d like to eat. And when I travel, I’m always preoccupied with foodie thoughts. I will be going to Taiwan in December and for the first half of my trip, I’ll be with a friend who’s been to Taipei several times. Needless to say, I’ve requested a foodie tour of the city!

    • Yep. Our holiday itineraries tend to be largely led by meals/food. When we get together with my family, we usually discuss the next meal get-together while we’re busy eating the current meal.