Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant at 140, Perth

A casual dining German restaurant franchise from Singapore may sound dubious to some (a chicken rice franchise would be an entirely different story) but I’ve now eaten lunch and dinner at Brotzeit and I really like it. The service has been good, the servings hearty. The sausages have that satisfying snap when you bite into them. The pork knuckle is monstrous and glorious – be daring, because you can take the leftovers home.

Pork sausages with sauerkraut and potato saladOn our first visit, Juji had the Nürnburger – grilled pork sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad.

Currywurst I had the currywurst – pork sausage topped with chilli-curry sauce and sprinkled with curry powder, served with seasoned potato wedges. Loved the sausage but I prefer more curry to chilli – I’d be tempted to call this chilliwurst. Elmar’s stall at the Farmers Market on Manning is still my pick for currywurst cravings.

Goulash with spaetzleJay ordered the Kalbsrahmgulasch – veal goulash. Traditional braised veal shank goulash in a rich paprika sauce, with buttered spätzle.

Little Red Dress (AU$16) - strawberry and lychee liqueur with vodka, blue alize and cranberry juiceOn our second visit to Brotzeit, Jac ordered a Little Red Dress (AU$16) – strawberry and lychee liqueur with vodka, Blue Alize and cranberry juice.

DSCF6803Of course, there’s German beer on the menu. I must remember to tell my mum she can even order a shandy.


The food arrives... The food arrived, looking heavy!

The Brotzeitplatte (AU$88, serves 4-5 people). On this platter, the knuckle and smoked pork sausage are my favourites. The Brotzeitplatte (AU$88, designed to serve 4-5 people – it served four of us very well). On this wooden plank, the knuckle and smoked pork sausage were my favourites. Brotzeit’s schnitzel is next on my To Eat list.

Honey Bavarian pork ribs Ripperl – beer infused Bavarian honey pork ribs – a saucy, messy pleasure.

Pork knuckle Schweinshaxe – oven roasted grain-fed pork knuckle. The gravy (served in a jug on the side) was quite watery. To be honest, I didn’t want to add anything that would threaten the crunch of that golden crackling. Choose your dining companions carefully – no crackle hogs, please (pun intended).

SausagesSnap, snap! Grilled pork (nurnburger), spicy chicken, smoked pork, pork cheese, pork veal (weisswurst).

Mashed potato side For our two sides, we chose mashed potato and sauerkraut. The mashed potato was creamy, buttery and well seasoned – I probably ate more than my fair share.

Baked pork liver with potato rostiOffal fan Jac couldn’t resist the baked pork liver with potato rosti. Her verdict: “Tasty, though the livers were a touch overcooked.”

Carving up the pork knuckle

Chopping up the sausages and carving up the knuckle Chopping up the sausages and carving up the knuckle for easy eating. There’s a substantial amount of meat wrapped around the bone.



There are Brotzeit restaurants throughout the Asia Pacific region – in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and this, the first one in Australia, which opened in early February. Coming next: Brotzeit in Joondalup and Baldivis.

DSCF8795Brotzeit is on Railway Lane at 140.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
Railway Lane, 6/140 William Street
Perth WA 6000
Monday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am to 11pm
Sunday: 11am to 10pm

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I’ve been watching the evolution of 140 with great interest since I attended a media event in 2013 that shared the ambitious plan to develop an exciting retail and dining precinct in the area bounded by the Murray Street Mall, Wellington and William Streets, connected by the city’s original laneways. I think the project’s delivered on the promise and created a vibrant, visually stunning space that keeps surprising and delighting with its interesting tenants and striking artworks.

The next eatery to open at 140 will be Ribs and Burgers, with an open style kitchen where meat will be chargrilled using techniques derived from ‘braaing’, the South African way of barbecuing.

140 is located on the corner of William and Murray Street Mall, Perth.
My blog post from 2013 on the redevelopment project – 140 Reimagined

DSCF2620Mural by Kyle Hughes-Odgers on Globe Lane between Jamie’s Italian and Iku Sushi.

DSCF2622You can enter Railway Lane via Globe Lane (parallel with Wellington Street). At this entrance, to the left, you’ll find Max & Sons, another coffee place by the team from Mo Espresso (Trinity Arcade).

Bam Bam Boo next door. Looks good, it's next on our list. Bam Bam Boo is next door – dim sum, dumplings, noodles and BBQ meats. Looks good – it’s next on our list.

Mural in Bam Bam Boo. Mural in Bam Bam Boo.

My favourite artwork at 140 currently is this colourful installation by Nike Savvas. My favourite artwork at 140 currently is this colourful installation, ‘Rapture’ by Nike Savvas.



Cocina Bandito - popup Cuban bar and kitchen Cocina Bandito – a popup Cuban bar and kitchen from the team behind The Classroom Bar and Cocktail Gastronomy – until 11 April 2015.

Railway Lane mural vy Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Benjamin Johnson This mural on Railway Lane is a collaboration by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Benjamin Johnson.

The Coffee Club tables along Mitchell Lane with a mural by Phibs. The Coffee Club tables along Mitchell Lane, where there’s a mural by Phibs. And on the corner of Mitchell Lane and William Street, chocolate awaits at Koko Black.

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