Short stories: Magnum P.I. at Mo Espresso

I honestly don’t have a fetish for blokes with moustaches but I’ve been a fan of 1980s TV private investigator Magnum P.I. ever since I was a girl. I had a squee moment when I spotted his moustachioed face on a stool at Mo Espresso in iconic Trinity Arcade in Perth city this week. This tiny coffee shop has a groovy atmosphere, with moustaches on the shop signs, the takeaway cups, original sweet treats, and the black-and-white printed stools featuring famous people with moustaches – I say ‘people’, not ‘men’, as I spotted the Mona Lisa with a mo. It feels momentarily inappropriate to place your bottom on someone’s face… ooh-er, I think I’d better stop there before I get myself into trouble, if you mo what I mean!

Mo Espresso is open 7am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday and serves coffee (hot and cold), cold drinks, muffins, sweets and savoury snacks including ham and cheese Moissants and a corned beef and Branston pickle sandwich called The Mighty Mo.

My friend Prez and I stopped here for coffee before work on Thursday. There was a lot to like: the coffee is by local roaster 5 Senses and was very good, the father and son barista team were so friendly, there are toy animals on the shelves and of course, my beloved Magnum P.I. to admire and sit on. Although I’m still not drinking coffee daily, I’m sure I’ll be back for mo.

And so, I moustache you a question: which hero with a mo would make you squee?

DSCF1310-2Looking through the front window


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