More SPAM, and the liver cleansing diet

Remember that recent home-cooked lunch of fried SPAM and stir-fried lettuce? Well, here is a photo of my dinner from last night, made from that same tin of SPAM (there is still another snack’s worth in the fridge – good for a homemade SPAM and egg McMuffin perhaps). Jac is on the liver-cleansing diet now*, and so I get to work my way through the tin of SPAM all by myself. This was yet another variation of fried rice, with cubes of fried SPAM, green beans, mushrooms, one whole small brown onion and two whole cloves of garlic (both diced and slivered), with a sprinkle of soy and oyster sauce and cracked black pepper… Oh, and an egg broken into the mix right at the end. I would definitely say that SPAM is to me what donuts are to Homer.

Fried rice with SPAM, mushrooms, green beans, onion, garlic and egg

I’m at uni right now, and should really be working instead of posting. What should I have for lunch? :-P

*This is the book, and the author’s website. We both did this diet a few years ago (Jac’s mum claims it made our hair all shiny, our skin all clear and the whites of our eyes extra-white; it was definitely good for Jac’s body, as she tends to um, enjoy her alcoholic beverages – I, on the other hand, don’t drink any alcohol at all). I stuck to the diet religiously while Jac chose to ‘lapse’ every now and then – she went to a dinner party, for example, and ate lasagna and chocolate cake with ice-cream! This time round I have refused to do the diet because a whole bunch of family birthdays occur from August to October, and there is no way I want to miss out on all that good food! At the birthday brunch extravaganza I posted about just recently, Jac ate only multi-grain bread and fruit. I was very nice and didn’t rub her face in it (you know, along the lines of “Ohhhhh, it’s been soooo long since I’ve eaten pancakes with maple syrup – god, it’s gooooood!”). She’s already hinted that she might make an exception (see, these deliberate lapses sneak in again) for my Dad’s upcoming 60th birthday celebration. The funny thing is, the hardest part about the liver cleansing diet for me was having to drink a whole glass of water with fresh lemon juice in it every morning. That just tasted so disgusting to me. A glass is a huge amount to have to get through when you don’t like the taste of something. All the food and beverage restrictions were easy-peasy in comparison.

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