An extremely non-halal/kosher post

I just had a nice hot shower enjoying the aroma of roast pork. The smell is all through the house – yum. I wish I could bottle that smell. I would hold onto it and take a sniff the next time I was feeling down – I’m sure that would cheer me up (unless I was really down – tired and alone with no food and no money). The potatoes are now in the pan too, roasting in the pork drippings. I must say, cooking pork and pork-related products makes the best smells… frying bacon, frying SPAM. And there are so many pork-related things that I love, including the bacon lardons in caesar salad, the pork fat bits in authentic hawker-style char kway teow, char siu, siew yoke, loh bak (five spice meat roll) and porky minchee of course. Oh! And pork crackling (what I hate is there is never enough pork crackling – gotta get in quick because there’s no round two)! And those snack food pork rinds you can buy in a packet that come in all sorts of flavours – I like garlic ones – I eat those like once a year because I know they are just so bad. And all sorts of pork sausages, chunky plump ones and chipolatas.

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