Sunday morning

The kitchen smells delicious because there is a leg of pork roasting in the oven. We are going to celebrate Jac’s mum’s birthday today, and our contribution to the meal is roast pork, cauliflower cheese and bread. Oh, and home-made apple sauce to go with the pork, which Jac made yesterday. According to Nigella’s meat roasting guide in How to Eat, we calculated our big leg of pork will take 5 hours to cook. Jac prepared the pork (you know, rubbed salt into the skin for crackling, yum) and popped it in the oven before going to hockey a short while ago. She said I don’t have to do anything for the pork – just leave it to cook – fantastic. The cauliflower cheese is sitting in a covered oven dish ready to be baked. I love cauliflower but geez, it stinks when it’s being cooked! The whole house smelled so farty when Jac was blanching the cauliflower yesterday. Jac’s brother and fiancee are supplying a green salad and home-made cookies and cream cheese cake. I’ll try to take photos tonight, but if they are all impatiently starving when the food is ready I may not be able to.

Before cooking the pork, Jac made breakfast for us. She woke up craving a BLT, which is something I would never choose to eat, so she made herself a BLT and fried me up bacon and eggs.

This is her BLT with tasty cheese. She loves lettuce – when she has a Whopper from Hungry Jack’s she always orders it with “heavy lettuce, heavy onion”. The bacon is mostly hidden, buried under all that cheese and lettuce, but trust me, it’s there. I didn’t have time to pose her food, and had time to take only one photo. I called her sandwich a BLTCh instead of a BLT (sounds better than BLTC); what a shame she didn’t have egg as well – it would’ve been a BELTCh (cheap thrills for me because that sounds like BELCH).


My breakfast: two fried eggs with runny yolks. I hate hard yolks in my fried eggs. I like plenty of freshly cracked black pepper on them. The bacon was lovely – Jac had left the rind on, so I ate the soft fat and left the hard rind bits behind. I also had a toasted muffin with canola spread. The muffin was toasted at almost maximum on our little old Black and Decker toaster, so it was quite crispy on the outside but still soft in the middle. I’ve become addicted to English muffins, and have been eating one or two toasted every morning (but not with bacon and eggs every morning, don’t worry!).

Bacon, eggs, toasted English muffin

Right now I really need to get on the Aerofit and do an hour’s exercise, seeing as I’ll be busy stuffing my face tonight.

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