Friday night takeaway dinner

Jac went to our favourite asian food hall on her way home from work tonight and picked up our tea. She rang me beforehand to discuss what she should get. We decided to try a stall we don’t normally eat at. First for our starter, she got 10 wantan for AU $6.00. They were delicious. Lovely and crispy with a nicely seasoned porky filling.


Also for starter, Jac got some beef satay (AU $1.00 per stick). I prefer chicken to beef, but these were OK.

Beef satay

Jac’s main course was the Mongolian chicken rice. I’d never heard of this dish before. The chicken came in a separate container to the rice, with chinese sausage and spring onion. I ate a piece of chicken and to be honest, I couldn’t tell if it had a subtle, unfamiliar flavour or if it was just bland/underseasoned. The sauce looked dark and tasty but didn’t taste like anything in particular. Weird.

Mongolian chicken

The Mongolian chicken rice tasted very much like Hainan chicken rice, but as well as cucumber and tomato, it came with little fried anchovies, very much like ikan bilis with chilli. AU $6.90 for both chicken and rice.

Mongolian chicken rice

My chosen main course was the claypot chicken rice. It was a disappointment. The minute I opened the container I smelled that the rice had been burnt. It wasn’t mostly burnt, but there were enough burnt bits for it to taste burnt when I ate it, and afterwards it left a carbony taste in my mouth that I got rid off eventually by polishing off half a packet of prawn crackers and having a cup of tea. There was a lot of chicken; it was moist but definitely bland. The chinese sausage was OK, nothing special. Overall, the dish was not good at all. I only ate half of it. AU $6.90, the extra carbon was free. Now you see why I like to go back to my favourite stalls most of the time!

Claypot chicken rice

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