Dinner and then some trickiness

This evening I met Jac at her work. We had a nice walk and got dinner.

She opted for a mixed sushi plate. Starting from the yellow one, moving clockwise: omelette, tuna, vegetarian, california roll, caviar, octopus, eel, prawn, salmon x 4. In the centre, a wee cat poo-style piping of wasabi. This came with a bowl of miso soup and lots of soy sauce for dipping.

Mixed sushi plate

I felt like pork and rice. This was not the best barbecue combination I’ve had. As you can see, no vegies, and it looks like it’s been literally thrown on the plate. The char siu was very good, but the siew yoke crackling was really tough and hard to eat. The soya chicken was pretty yummy, but it was just a wing. Buried in the back of the photo there are some strange bright red (like char siu but not char siu) pork ribs. They were a little too salty for my liking (and from me, who loves salty food, this says a lot!). The gravy was very good, but there wasn’t enough of it. After flinging the four meats on the rice, the lady who served me poured a ladleful of gravy right in the centre, rather than evenly all over the meat. Anyway, it was ok and filled me up. The winner is still the bbq combination from our local shopping centre (see post here).

Another barbecue combination

On the way home we discussed things we need to get done around our home, including:
1) buying and installing a new oven/stove
2) buying and installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom
3) fixing the light in the spa room and the light in our bedroom fan
4) installing a few more power points in various locations around the house

Jac thinks I was just showing interest in our house, but it’s all part of a secret plan I have. She will be going away for about 3 weeks in Oct/Nov for a work conference and holiday. If I have the money in my account (and I should), I plan to get some or all of those things done while she is away. So I was innocently asking things like “So, what features do you want in our new stove?” and “Where do you think an exhaust fan should be positioned in the bathroom?” etc etc. These are things we’ve been meaning to do for a long, long, loooong time, but just haven’t got off our arses to organise, or something else has come up and guzzled up all the money. With that tax return coming and another job next week, I’ll should have the funds to pay for this stuff. I love surprises!

I would like to write more geek porn (thanks, Mooiness!) but I have an early start tomorrow, and must go to bed.

A teensy bit of geek: I am waiting for this to arrive – should be here any day now. :-D

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