New pc case

Now that the date has been set for Computer Building Day (the public holiday coming up on the 26th September – my brother and I are both very busy people!), I’ve ordered one more part for the computer – a new case! After much um-ing and ah-ing and lots of research (I stole some time from my latest thesis chapter) I decided to just go for it and buy a you-beaut one that I really like, with good cooling and airflow, a door to cover the drive bays, front I/O ports (it will be so good to not have to reach round the back to plug in USB stuff) and some LED lights. I mean, why house all those carefully researched precious components in a shitty case with crappy cooling? This is the big baby I have ordered from PC Case Gear: the Gigabyte Aurora 3D (in black). The new computer, and especially this new case will truly signify a new era in my computing life. It is the start of my “Case with Bling” era. :) Jac says it looks like a futuristic toothless beastie, and has christened it “Gummy Shark” (don’t ask!), so that shall be its name. Gummy Shark should arrive by mid-week next week. I’ll write more about this later – right now I have a few things I must attend to.

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