Exhausted Day 2

I wrote this last night, but my internet wasn’t working, so I couldn’t post it.

31,065 steps today. My legs felt very tired in bed last night, and they were felt damned heavy as I trudged up and down stairs and hills as I walked around campus to do the auditing. Unfortunately, somewhere between getting on the bus from uni and then on the connecting bus home I suddenly realised my right calf felt really tight and sore. Uh-oh and damn! I’m sitting here with an ice pack now and Jac said she’ll give my leg a rub before I go to bed. Fingers crossed it’s better tomorrow morning, otherwise I’m stuffed.

My computer case arrived today. Jac is both impressed and dismayed by the size of the box. Here is a photo, with a 600ml bottle of water, for scale. Of course, the case itself isn’t exactly THAT big (there’s protective stuff/padding in the box). But yes, as far as cases go, it is a big beast.

Bigger case equals bigger geek?

I planned my pasta stir-fry dinner in my head during the day and tonight Jac kindly cooked it according to my instructions. Wholemeal spiral pasta (that was the only part of the dish I didn’t plan – that’s just the pasta Jac happened to choose), with SPAM, green beans, chunky mushrooms, onion, garlic and the last of the semi-sundried tomatoes left over from the weekend’s salad. It was really good – a very pleasing collection of contrasting textures – the beans were still satisfyingly crunchy but cooked enough so they didn’t have that raw green taste, Jac got the edges of the SPAM browned and crispy just how I like it, and the mushrooms were their usual rubbery mushroomy selves (which is precisely why some people don’t like mushrooms, but that is exactly why I love them). And those semi-sundried tomatoes were delicious in what was otherwise an asian-flavoured stir-fry (light and dark soy. I know I always use those two sauces, but I like how they taste and see no need to be too adventurous when all I want is a hot delicious meal when I’ve come home feeling tired and grumpy). Being part magpie/jackdaw (depending on where you’re from) I really enjoyed the colourfulness of the stir-fry. And best of all, there are leftovers!

Another pasta stir-fry

I do have more to write, but this will have to for now. Time for that leg rub.

Note added 5:50am 21/09/2005: legs are tired, but the sore calf is much better.

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